COVID-19! News: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, all physical events for Denim Day 2020 has been moved online. Register for participation here and follow our social media platforms.

Tough as Jeans

I am a survivor


Protest Violence

On the 29th April, 2020. Wear jeans with purpose

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On April 29th 2020, people across Nigeria and the world will wear jeans with a purpose; support survivors, and educate themselves and others about all forms of domestic and sexual violence.

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Denim Day 2019

Denim an alibi for rape?

In 2019, Hundreds of Nigerians gathered in Lagos for a common goal; To stand against gender based sexual violence.

Other Nigerians also join the campaign online from around the country and abroad.

If you missed out on this, you have a chance to join the movement this year!

2019 Denim Day Media Gallery


J24 has been setting aside part of its sales revenue for the campaign on this cause, learn how you can join the movement today and help us reach survivors.

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Gender based Domestic and Sexual violence statistics in Nigeria

Africa has the highest prevalence rate of child sexual abuse around 34.4 per cent

As at 2004, 60 per cent of children involved in child trafficking from Africa to Europe were Nigerians

Between 2012 and 2013, about 30 per cent of women in Nigeria experienced one form of domestic violence or another

In 2017, the Nigerian Senate passed a motion to investigate the increasing incidence of rape and sexual assault across the country. And, on July 9th, 2019, the legislators began considering death penalty for rape offenders as they deliberated on a motion “Sexual abuse in Nigeria: a growing scourge” sponsored by Senator Rose Oko, representing Cross River North in Cross River State, and 10 other senators.

The most trafficked children to Europe from Africa are Nigerians 60%
Number of Nigerian women have experience domestic violence 30%
One in four Nigerian female reported childhood sexual violence 25%
A larger population of girls report multiple incidents 70%
Number of Nigerian girls who experience sexual violence are minors 24.8%